Akeytsu 1.0.6


– Akeytsu can now use more RAM (from 2 to 4 GB)
– If shader compilation leads to warnings or errors, a file is now logged in User’s AppData folder
– Improved skinning shader compilation for Intel cards
– Added Undo stack limit in General preferences
– FBX export:
—Excluded animations if no linked joints are exported
—Added “Export Character node” option (true by default)
– Mirroring stuff: Added tags patterns_L_|_R_,_l_|_r_

Main Bug Fixes

– Memory crash during save could corrupt saved file
— Enhanced Interpolation
— Inherit Rotate mode was not handled correctly with ReverseFoot
— Fixed mirror/cycle IK/RF issue with non-standard joint orientations of the string parent
– Fixed toon scale on unskinned mesh (the mesh was previously translated)
– Rotate/Inherit rotate had not always the same world/local space in the Spinner
– FBX Import: animated dummies are now imported as joints
– The rigid skin mirrored is now always really rigid

Also several other crash and bug fixes…

download here

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