Astute Graphics Elite Plugin v1.2.4 Adobe Illustrator CS6 – CC2018

Makers of award winning, time saving and creative tools such as Phantasm, VectorScribe, WidthScribe and many more. Get the complete set of plug-ins and transform your workflow in Illustrator. Add speed, ease and precision with all of our plug-ins and become an Astute Graphics Plugins Bundle!


  • Autosaviour.aip
  • ColliderScribe.aip
  • DirectPrefs.aip
  • DynamicSketch.aip
  • InkQuest.aip
  • InkScribe.aip
  • MirrorMe.aip
  • Phantasm.aip
  • Rasterino.aip
  • Stipplism64.aip
  • Stylism.aip
  • SubScribe.aip
  • Texturino.aip
  • VectorScribe.aip
  • WidthScribe.aip

Software Requirements:

  • Windows 10/8/7/Vista;
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6 to CC2018.

Download here

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