New Features

KeyShot Viewer – A free, touch-enabled, desktop application for Mac and Windows that enables KeyShot scenes to be securely shared with anyone for interactive viewing, presentation, and configuration.

“Add Multi-Material” to Queue (KeyShot Pro) – In the Queue tab of the Render dialog there is a new button for Add Multi-Material that will allow you to select a Multi-Material in your scene and have each sub-material rendered out. This function will add a single job to the Render Queue that contains all sub-materials.

Added Save for KeyShot Viewer under File menu with option to add password protection and watermarking.


SOLIDWORKS 2018 direct import support.
Sketchup 2018 direct import support.
NX12 direct import support.

Model Variations area is hidden in Presentation Mode if there is only one variation.
Improved setup time for scenes with Rounded Edges.
Render Materials automatically in Configurator Wizard.
Added Turntable animations to top-level models in the Scene Tree.
Updated Scripting to Python 3.6.4
Metadata now outputs via Network Rendering for Still Images.
Noteworthy Bug Fixes
Fixed crash that occurred after renaming Model Set and opening the Confiscator Wizard.
Fixed crash when saving package related to texture naming.
Fixed Plugin connection issue with “Just for me” installations.
Files saved with Ground Shadows disabled will now show Ground Shadows when enabled after saving and reopening.
Fixed Ground Shadow visibility error that could occur when toggling between Studios.
Fixed double buttons in scripting console.
Fixed Environment thumbnail creation when saving to Library.
Fixed issue in which Labels would not appear in Clown Pass or Labels Pass when “Apply Bump to Labels” is enabled for that Label.
Render Passes and Render Layers are now output correctly for KeyShotXR.
Fixed issue where real-time view could be off-center when opened on mac.
Fixed quality issue with Clown and Labels pass when black and white image was used to define opacity of a label.

Known Issues
When sending jobs from KeyShot 6 to KeyShot 7 Network Rendering or opening KeyShot 6 scenes in KeyShot 7 there may be a difference in environment lighting that would be visible on materials with Roughness applied due to a half pixel shift which has now made KeyShot 7 Environments more accurate in appearance.

Ground Shadows become visible when exiting Performance Mode when Ground Shadows are disabled in the Environment tab.
Rendering very high resolution images with Render Passes, Bloom, Chromatic Abberation or Vignetting may cause Network Rendering Master to stall if there is insufficient memory.

Rendering high resolution images with Bloom, Chromatic Abberation or Vignetting may cause visual artifacts when rendered locally and via Network Rendering.

Rounded Edges are lost after Update Geometry.
Possible banding with Interior Mode when rendered via Network Rendering. Lower resolution images will have a higher banding visibility.
When rendering scenes in KeyShot 6 via KeyShot 7 Network Rendering (from a mac client) the correct environment file may not be sent causing the lighting to appear different in the output.

Parts/sub-groups that are locked and in a shown state do not maintain a shown state when toggling visibility of their parent group.


Luxion KeyShot Pro 7.3.37 with KeyShot Bridge Win x64

01. Install last working version of KeyShot with Bridge
KeyShot Pro 7.0.438 file “keyshot_w64_7.0.438.exe” from folder
“01. KeyShot Pro 7.0.438 Win x64”
02. Replace original “keyshot.exe” to cracked “keyshot.exe” from folder
“Crack KeyShot Pro 7.0.438”, generate license file from “keygen7.exe” & activate.
03. Run KeyShot & Close. Run ZBrush -> Render -> External Renderer -> KeyShot (Click).
To render click BPR Button (Shift+R).
04. Install Update file
“keyshot_w64_7.3.37_update.exe” from folder “02. Update”
05. Replace Cracked file “keyshot.exe” from folder “03. Crack 7.3.37”

Tested on Windows 10. Working with ZBrush 4R8P2 & ZBrush 2018.

Overwrite keyshot.exe with the modified one and generate a licence file with the keygen (unnecessary if you had a previous version of Keyshot 7 installed)


MOD EDIT: To anyone calling out the uploader for not packing the crack directory … learn how to exclude directories in your AV app (or turn the thing off)

download here:

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