Pencil+ 4 Materials can be displayed in real-time in the Nitrous viewport. Highlights and zones can be reviewed with a quality close to the rendering result.

New in Pencil+ 4 Material
Material Penetration

With material penetration, materials hidden behind objects can penetrate those objects to be rendered as if they were in front.

New in Pencil+ 4 Material
Light Intensity Control

Light intensity can be modified for individual materials, providing more detailed control over highlights and shading.

New in Pencil+ 4 Line
Improved Usability

The user interface is more user-friendly and the affinity with 3ds Max is increased.

  • Enhanced gradation bar editing
  • Support for gamma / LUT correction
  • Adjustable line set list height
  • Display of data in lists
  • Switch the display language of the user interface

Material Functionality

Gradation Bar

Edit material colors intuitively using the gradation bar.


Make highlights curve along or expand and contract into a crescent along the shape of the object.

Highlight Design

Control the shape of highlights visually.

Line Related Functions

Configure line drawing for individual materials.

Gradation Offset

Control gradations using maps. Use this to display darker colors at specific locations.

Light Color

Make the color of lights and ambient lighting affect materials.

Shadow Blend

Set the color of shadows separately from the zone gradation colors.

Stroke Map

Create hatching and rough strokes like those in hand-drawn pictures.

Fast and beautiful line drawing.

Pencil+ 4 Line functionality can be used to create a wide range of richly expressive lines such as uniform lines, lines jutting out of objects, rough sketch lines or lines with width modulation like those found in Japanese manga.

New in Pencil+ 4 Line
Multithreaded Rendering

The Pencil+ 4 Line rendering engine now supports multithreading and multiple platforms. It can quickly draw lines even for complex scenes with thousands of overlapping objects.

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