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The Monkey Scripts

Let a voice recording drive animations from any Monkey script (TextMonkey, LayerMonkey, MotionMonkey). Textsyncr creates layer markers to work seamlessly with the Monkeys. See this example.

Automatic Subtitles

Textsyncr comes with a captions featureset that can be used to create automatic subtitles based on the Layer Markers of any layer.

Label your Video

Conveniently label your video with the aligned transcription to never have to scrub again.

Key Features

  • Full-featured speech analysis (English only)
  • Aligns transcription to audio as Layer Markers
  • Generate and control automatic captions


    • Import a spoken track and paste its transcription
    • Let textsyncr analyze and align the transcription
    • The layer markers can be used for different applications
    • Generate captions such as subtitles or lyrics with just a few clicks
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