The updated version of JawSet TurbulenceFD C4D finally supports C4D R19!

Cinema 4D TurbulenceFD, the well-known fluid simulation plug-in, finally has a perfect cracked version.

The plug-in supports GPU rendering and the rendering speed is greatly improved.

TurbulenceFD is a plug-in of Jamset that simulates the effects of fluids, smoke, flares, ink, etc. His solution speed and simulation accuracy are very high, just to make up for the lack of C4D in this area.

Of course, TurbulenceFD is not only for C4D, he is also facing Lightwave and Aftereffect users, and has developed both WIN and MAC versions.

TurbulenceFD simulation of smoke, fire and other effects are still worth noting, of course, in the simulation of ink effects TurbulenceFD is also rare, which requires everyone to study together.

MoreĀ official introduction

Support Software: C4D R14-R19

download here

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