Unreal Marketplace MQ9 Reaper [UE4 4.18 – 4.19]

Camera view
Third person view
Custom Camera Lag speed
Spline flight path or manual flight(left/right bank)
Adjustable Flight speed
GBU-12 and AGM-144 Laser guided missiles
Detractable Landing gear
Custom primary/secondary colors/shaders
Visual damage/destruction
FLIR Color grading(Not real heat detection)
Custom reload speed
Custom firerate
Enemy targeting
Target through walls on/off
Drone UI Compass

Comes with(Main assets):
MQ-9 Reaper blueprint
Drone UI Widget
Missile blueprint w/ 2 instances (All projectile movement options)
Drone meshes in detatchable parts with corresponding materials
3 Particle systems
Basic enemy blueprint for Demo purpose
Basic Landscape/Landscape_Mat for Demo purpose

Technical Details

Tested Engine versions: 4.12
Texture Sizes: 2k-4k
Controller Support: Yes
LOD: Yes
Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes
Intended Platform: Windows
Platforms Tested: Windows

download here

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